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Commits on Nov 4, 2007
  1. • update my email address (from a throw-away address to something a l…

    sorbits committed Nov 4, 2007
    …ittle more permanent)
    git-svn-id: Wiki.tmbundle@8398 dfb7d73b-c2ec-0310-8fea-fb051d288c6d
Commits on May 31, 2007
  1. • get via TM_SUPPORT_PATH (now that JS executions have th…

    sorbits committed May 31, 2007
    …e TM_* variables available)
    Patch from David F. Snyder
    git-svn-id: Wiki.tmbundle@7417 dfb7d73b-c2ec-0310-8fea-fb051d288c6d
Commits on Mar 4, 2007
  1. Add the following keys to the bundle’s info.plist:

    sorbits committed Mar 4, 2007
       The full name of the contact for this bundle.
       A ROT13 encoded email address for the bundle contact (we obfuscate it to avoid spammers from picking up the files, seeing how bundles will often be available via anonymous svn over http).
       A short description for this bundle. Do link to more info about the language (or whatever) the bundle is about. I decided on using HTML for this (but leave out the initial paragraph tag) since it seemed like overkill to run a single line of text through, just to convert [foo](link) into <a href="link">foo</a>
    Many of the current descriptions could use some improvements, I just wanted to get the ball rolling :)
    git-svn-id: Wiki.tmbundle@6718 dfb7d73b-c2ec-0310-8fea-fb051d288c6d
Commits on Sep 17, 2006
  1. • send script errors to /dev/console

    sorbits committed Sep 17, 2006
    git-svn-id: Wiki.tmbundle@5251 dfb7d73b-c2ec-0310-8fea-fb051d288c6d
  2. • link to intro page in heading

    sorbits committed Sep 17, 2006
    • handle funny characters and non-ASCII
    git-svn-id: Wiki.tmbundle@5250 dfb7d73b-c2ec-0310-8fea-fb051d288c6d
  3. • add Refresh and Edit links to the top of the page

    sorbits committed Sep 17, 2006
    • fix the (edit) link after headings (to not be at the next line)
    I forgot to mention that this script has a hardcoded path to (~/Library/Application Support/TextMate/Support/bin)
    git-svn-id: Wiki.tmbundle@5249 dfb7d73b-c2ec-0310-8fea-fb051d288c6d
  4. • select the Show Wiki command and it opens the intro page, you can e…

    sorbits committed Sep 17, 2006
    …dit the page (using the edit links), visit pages linked from it, or create those pages which are references but still do not exist (they have a “create” link)
    This is a very rudimentary system. Pages without headings get no edit link, and it badly needs a refresh system (could just be a link to the page itself in the top for “manual” refresh)
    git-svn-id: Wiki.tmbundle@5248 dfb7d73b-c2ec-0310-8fea-fb051d288c6d