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Commits on Feb 16, 2008
  1. @jiho

    - Added a forall snippet, only available in fortran.modern (this is a…

    jiho authored
    …n f90 only keyword)
    - Moved Quick type definitions up in the menu, as are Quick read, Quick write etc.
    git-svn-id: dfb7d73b-c2ec-0310-8fea-fb051d288c6d
Commits on Dec 18, 2007
  1. @infininight

    New snippets from jiho.

    infininight authored
    git-svn-id: dfb7d73b-c2ec-0310-8fea-fb051d288c6d
Commits on Mar 4, 2007
  1. @sorbits

    Add the following keys to the bundle’s info.plist:

    sorbits authored
       The full name of the contact for this bundle.
       A ROT13 encoded email address for the bundle contact (we obfuscate it to avoid spammers from picking up the files, seeing how bundles will often be available via anonymous svn over http).
       A short description for this bundle. Do link to more info about the language (or whatever) the bundle is about. I decided on using HTML for this (but leave out the initial paragraph tag) since it seemed like overkill to run a single line of text through, just to convert [foo](link) into <a href="link">foo</a>
    Many of the current descriptions could use some improvements, I just wanted to get the ball rolling :)
    git-svn-id: dfb7d73b-c2ec-0310-8fea-fb051d288c6d
Commits on Aug 21, 2006
  1. @sorbits
Commits on Aug 4, 2005
  1. @sorbits

    • added F90 and F95 to file extensions (lowercase variant was already…

    sorbits authored
    … there)
    • created preferences with increase and decrease indent patterns, I made the latter decrease indent on END -- I'm not old enough to know Fortran, so I don't know if this is what's expected! ;)
    git-svn-id: dfb7d73b-c2ec-0310-8fea-fb051d288c6d
Commits on Jan 9, 2005
  1. @sorbits

    Added UUID to each bundle.

    sorbits authored
    git-svn-id: dfb7d73b-c2ec-0310-8fea-fb051d288c6d
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