CPU spikes on Lion editing a Plugin.groovy file #2

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any one else having issues editing a *Plugin.groovy.
Textmate spikes 100% of the CPU
Is it just me?

textmate member

This means there's a recursion in the grammar. I can't fix it without concrete steps to reproduce.

@alkemist alkemist closed this Dec 16, 2011

I can help if you point me in the right direction.
All I do on Lion is open any *Plugin.groovy file and it spikes.

textmate member

Send me one of the files that has this for you and I'll take a look.

@alkemist alkemist reopened this Dec 16, 2011

I narrowed it down to this
def generateTriggerName = {->
if I remove the "->" everything is fine. as soon as I add "->" back in textmate spikes CPU to 100%

@basejump basejump closed this Dec 16, 2011
@basejump basejump reopened this Dec 16, 2011

so its not specific to a plugin file
if I add
def someClosure{->
to any groovy file its goes into the loop and freezes texmate

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