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  1 +# Installation
  2 +
  3 +You can install this bundle in TextMate by opening the preferences and going to the bundles tab. After installation it will be automatically updated for you.
  4 +
  5 +# General
  6 +
  7 +* [Bundle Styleguide]( — _before you make changes_
  8 +* [Commit Styleguide]( — _before you send a pull request_
  9 +* [Writing Bug Reports]( — _before you report an issue_
  10 +
  11 +# License
  12 +
  13 +If not otherwise specified (see below), files in this repository fall under the following license:
  14 +
  15 + Permission to copy, use, modify, sell and distribute this
  16 + software is granted. This software is provided "as is" without
  17 + express or implied warranty, and with no claim as to its
  18 + suitability for any purpose.
  19 +
  20 +An exception is made for files in readable text which contain their own license information, or files where an accompanying file exists (in the same directory) with a “-license” suffix added to the base-name name of the original file, and an extension of txt, html, or similar. For example “tidy” is accompanied by “tidy-license.txt”.

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