a key-value object store backed by sqlite3 for ios
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kvdb is a key-value store for iOS backed by SQLite3.

It can serialize and store any objects that implement the NSCoding protocol.

Therefore, lots of objects are supported right away:

  • NSDictionary
  • NSArray
  • NSNumber
  • NSString



#import "kvdb.h"

[[KVDB sharedDB] setValue:@"apple" forKey:@"fruit"];
[[KVDB sharedDB] setValue:@"Chicago" forKey:@"city"];

MyObject *object = [[MyObject alloc] initWithTitle:@"KVDB"];
[[KVDB sharedDB] setValue:object forKey:@"my_object"];


The recommended way is to install via Cocoapods:

Add into your Podfile:

pod 'kvdb', :git => 'https://github.com/colinyoung/kvdb'

And run

pod update

or you can just clone kvdb and add kvdb/ folder to your project.

Other stuff

[[KVDB sharedDB] dropDatabase];

[[KVDB sharedDB] createDatabase];

// Instantiate w/ a different file:
[KVDB sharedDBWithFile:@"blah.sqlite3"]; // the file will be created in your documents directory.

Coding nil-values: nil vs NSNull

To provide a compatibility with NSArray and NSDictionary classes KVDB denies the coding of nil values. KVDB follows the same policy as NSDictionary class does:

-[KVDB setValue:forKey:] - if value is nil then method attempts to remove key using removeValueForKey:.

-[KVDB setObject:forKey:] - raises an NSInvalidArgumentException if aKey is nil.

Like it is done when working with instances of NSArray or NSDictionary use NSNull class whereever you want -[KVDB setValue:forKey] to provide a given key with a null value:


[[KVDB sharedDB] setValue:[NSNull null] forKey:@"fruit"];

id dbValue = [[KVDB sharedDB] valueForKey:testKey]; 

NSLog(@"%@", dbValue); // will print "<null>" i.e.  NSNull singleton

Instead of

[[KVDB sharedDB] setObject:nil forKey:@"fruit"]; // => Results in NSInvalidArgumentException


[[KVDB sharedDB] setValue:nil forKey:@"fruit"]; // => Results in removeValueForKey: behavior 

See the documentation of -[NSDictionary setObject:forKey:] and this nice NSHipster article about nil and NSNull.


  • kvdb is a simple key value store for iOS solution with codebase containing just a couple of files. Don't ask it what it is not intended for: it is not thread-safe, it does not support transactions and so on. For more serious solutions see "Similar tools".
  • kvdb plays very nice with all the solutions like Mantle, which provide auto-coding for all the properties you declare in your classes. For example, if using Mantle: create a MTLModel subclass, declare its properties, and... it is ready to be stored in a KVDB store, because Mantle has already autocoded these properties for you.

Similar tools


Copyright (c) 2012 Colin Young. See LICENSE for details.