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with the Makefile below, the "build target..." command doesn't work for me. What happens is a brief flash of a white window that disappears immediately, with now effect.
Here is the makefile:

target1 :
c++ blabla.cpp blabla.cpp -o /tmp/blabla

target2 :
c++ blabla.cpp blabla.cpp -o /tmp/blabla

textmate member

The “Build Target…” command only shows the targets marked ‘phony’.

You should add something like this:

.PHONY: target1 target2

Then “Build Target…” will correctly show your two targets.

The reason is that a Makefile normally has a lot of targets, so only “top level” targets should be shown in the menu (otherwise it often wouldn’t fit on screen).

I’ll leave this ticket open though as we should put up a tool tip or similar when no (phony) targets are found.


Ah ok. good to know :-) thanks for the quick answer. And yes, a tool tip would be helpful. Maybe I implement this.



I was confused by this too until I see this issue. Maybe, showing a notification message when there is no .PHONY targets available would be helpful for first timers like me

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