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skurfer commented Dec 15, 2010

Sorry. I’ve been spoiled by the Git bundle and rarely do git via the command line. :) I noticed only one file changed in the last pull request, but technically, that was true (1 changed, 4 added) so I didn’t worry about it.

This commit should include the actual files.

skurfer commented Jan 4, 2011

Do you have additional concerns with this or are you just busy? :)


Sorry for the delay.

I like the increase/decrease commands, they feel quite natural. The other two I'm not sure are needed, from the Markdown usage I've seen including the 'closing' # isn't terribly common and I'm hesitant to include commands for them.

skurfer commented Feb 7, 2011

I wasn’t thinking about how much demand there was really. I just knew that I wanted it (obviously), so then I asked “Does ⌥⌘. do anything else useful in this context? Could it ever in the future?” I decided both were “no” and so I wouldn’t be breaking anything or robbing users of potential future features by adding it.

There’s only one command to close a heading. What’s the objection to the other one? A command to create headings seems like the most obvious of the four to me. Is it that they’re created “closed” by default?


Pulled in the increase/decrease commands, decided the others aren't really general purpose enough. The reason behind not adding every feature possible is to keep the bundles simple, there are a lot of commands that could be helpful that aren't included for this reason.

As for the command to create a header, I didn't include it because without the closing # it's just changing the tab key for the space key.

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