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Table commands, re-ordering menus, reference sorting #8

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tbates commented Oct 3, 2012

No description provided.

tbates added some commits Mar 14, 2012
@tbates tbates adding some table reformatters
as described here

markdown needs language support for tables...
@tbates tbates commands for level # headings; open in Marked command
easy reformatting of headings, and ability to preview in Marked for
nice formatting, and pdf/html output etc.
@tbates tbates fixes to headings, image support c96afc5
@tbates tbates removed added comments heading commands 16a0592
@tbates tbates deleted duplicate untitled command 6694bf6
@tbates tbates improved version of table reformater, with CC license and source embe…
…ded as requested by author
@tbates tbates added tables folder, moved items into appropriate folders. looks ok t…
…o me now
@tbates tbates add a snippet to include mathjax b856965
@tbates tbates Merge branch 'master' of 204c0e7
@tbates tbates snippet to add mathjax to md files 42ca70a
@tbates tbates playing with getting github flavour marked up for code fencing 9b4a7f1
@tbates tbates adding support for fenced code blocks, and knitr (R bundle to knit ta…
…ngled md and R code into documents...)
@tbates tbates snippet code code blocks... very nice cc76573
@tbates tbates ultra-,inor change to comment of a regexp :-) 51e268b
@tbates tbates fixed insertion of R code (needed to back-quote ticks) a9bc89c
@tbates tbates changes added due to editing in tm2? 13d39e6
@tbates tbates trying to mark numeric list items which are not followed by "." as in…
@tbates tbates fixing scope of embedded R ecd7adb
@tbates tbates markdownplus table support (very crude, but gets you started 84102e1
@tbates tbates move table command under the table folder 126e6af
@tbates tbates enable spelling by default? 6372340
@tbates tbates add command for level 4 heading. fix creation on empty line dbc8404
@tbates tbates placed heading commands under heading folder 6e64693
@tbates tbates correct additional line in ##; correct fallback for ####; normalising…
… code space in all
@tbates tbates resolve conflict with sorbits edit adding md and me doing the same bb2aa02
@tbates tbates reverting to off for these - but why isn't spell checkin on by defaul…
…t for markdown content?
@tbates tbates add Rmd as an extension (R-flavored markdown) a212b3c
@tbates tbates recomitting several changes to language file that were not in the cop…
…y edited by sorbits because things just are not getting pushed upstream ....
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Look at the scope here, it's not disabled for all content.

textmate member

yip. wish i knew how to ensure that spelling is on. can't tell currently as the menu says "toggle spelling..." but doesn't tell what state it's in. can't see a preference either (in the app)

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You would set that in .tm_properties:

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tbates commented on fbd5d98 Aug 15, 2012

this is useful and standard markdown. otherwise the user can make a list which looks ok, but is badly formed but not be warned.

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tbates commented on 84102e1 Aug 15, 2012

this is standard multimarkdown, and it is helpful to users to have a helper to create tables

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tbates commented on 126e6af Aug 15, 2012

keeps the bundle in order

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tbates commented on 6372340 Aug 15, 2012

my Avian doesn't have spell checking on by default I guess - i thought these were turning it off. this commit is reverted below

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tbates commented on dbc8404 Aug 15, 2012

We have commands to alter heading levels 1-3, this adds support for 4.

Also enhances the default text of existing level support a tiny bit

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tbates commented on 6e64693 Aug 15, 2012

again, just adding menu structure to the bundle...

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tbates commented on 6b82a62 Aug 15, 2012

correcting minor buglets in the heading code: this fixes stuff that is already in there.

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tbates commented on a212b3c Aug 15, 2012

this is a tiny change. and numerous users are writing R-flavour markdown. it's just one of many extensions that markdown has, because it's so useful to so many people

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tbates commented on 031282a Aug 15, 2012

fencedCodeBlocks are important for many users (git flavour) etc

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tbates commented on ecd7adb Aug 15, 2012

markdown flavours support codeblocks, this simply allows one (of many I agree) to be syntax highlighted. But this is what we do for all the different heredoc types that can be embedded, embedding in html etc.

Probably (just) over the edge for the bundle, but I doubt it will lead anyone else to follow, is easy to support, and helps people.

tbates added some commits Aug 17, 2012
@tbates tbates playing with fenced code ... 7b6404f
@tbates tbates Merge branch 'master' of
@tbates tbates organising heading and table functions 8705442
@tbates tbates sneding so can work on at work baccbb2
@tbates tbates Adding command which turns each line of the selection into a list ite…
…m (current behavior just * the first line...)
@tbates tbates Merge branch 'master' of 0eb8859
@tbates tbates Add tidy links from Dr Drang 4cd6f3f
@tbates tbates Cleaned up menu ordering
Added link snippet to match html bundle (which currently triggers in md...)
@tbates tbates mathjax to 1 liner (work around for grammar error)
^ shortcut for superscript
some comments in grammar: but this needs fixing - currently stops processing markdown when <script> tag is added
@tbates tbates add json
Add smart link shortcuts, and fix  smart link replacement command to use JSON.
Clarify name of superscript snippet
@tbates tbates making ] into a tab trigger for smart linking. Might make sense to ma…
…ke this instant

incorporated in plist, fixing a duplicate on the way
@tbates tbates renamed "Table" to "Insert table" 5e0e88f
@tbates tbates shorter name. giving it the same shortcut as the column aligner c170e7e
@tbates tbates Merge branch 'master' of
@tbates tbates table example passes reformatter in current state 77f859b
@tbates tbates prompts to save (TODO: auto save to tmp directory) de20b2b
@tbates tbates trying to fix failure (line function not found) 80adf65
@tbates tbates todo list inside bundle for ease of reference c6d01c2
@tbates tbates Merge branch 'master' of 80183c9
@tbates tbates better list handling a11b6ae
@tbates tbates Merge branch 'master' of 77bf228
@tbates tbates no message 1659c3d
@tbates tbates no message 59b7f6f
@tbates tbates merge table macros... 67654fa
@tbates tbates no message e16a216
@tbates tbates merge in ruby-realted changes 50fefa2
@tbates tbates first steps to get table headings highlighted ec3e0bf
@tbates tbates markdown catches table rows 8a24c37
@tbates tbates Merge branch 'master' of
# By Allan Odgaard (1) and others
# Via Michael Sheets
* 'master' of
  Added MathJax support to Markdown preview
  Use version 1.8 of ruby for bundle items
  Update symbol transformation syntax
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Closing due to complexity of commit history, please cleanup and reopen.

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