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#import "" (imp).plist
#import <> (Imp).plist
020 Class (objc).plist
030 NSArray (array).plist
040 NSDictionary (dict).plist
050 Method (m).plist
060 SubMethod (sm).plist
Category (cat).plist
Category Implementation.tmSnippet
Category Interface Only (cati).plist
Class Implementation.tmSnippet
Class Interface Only (classi).plist
Class Method (M).plist
Class Method Interface (M).plist
CoreData Accessors Implementation.plist
Delegate Responds to Selector.plist
Detach New NSThread.tmSnippet
For Loop.tmSnippet
IBOutlet (ibo).plist
Initialize Implementation (I).plist
Key:value binding (bind).plist
LoD array (arracc).plist
LoD array interface (arracc).plist
Lock Focus.plist
Method Interface (m).plist
NSAutoreleasePool (pool).plist
NSBezierPath (bez).plist
NSLog (log) 2.plist
NSLog(.., _cmd) (log).plist
NSRunAlertPanel (alert).plist
NSString stringWithFormat (format).plist
Object Accessors Interface (objacc).plist
Read from defaults (getprefs).plist
Register for Notification.tmSnippet
Responds to Selector.plist
Save and Restore Graphics Context (gsave).plist
Scalar Accessors (acc).plist
Scalar Accessors Interface (acc).plist
String Accessors Interface (stracc).plist
Write to defaults (setprefs).plist
for(… in …).tmSnippet