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Leading whitespace is culled in docblocks #20

Drarok opened this Issue Jan 2, 2012 · 1 comment

3 participants

Drarok commented Jan 2, 2012

Leading whitespace inside a docblock is removed when the first asterisk is entered, so the following would be hard-aligned to the left:

 * Test

(There should be a leading space on lines 2 and 3).

I recorded an example of this problem, showing TM1's behaviour, then TM2's:

gdsmith commented Jan 6, 2012

I fixed this by changing the "Wrap docblock..." action to the following

col = ENV['TM_COLUMN_NUMBER'].to_i
start_col = ENV['TM_CURRENT_LINE'].index('*')
if col >= 80
  print ENV['TM_CURRENT_LINE'][0, start_col] + "*" # this is the changed line
print " "
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