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<?php $this->… ?>.tmSnippet
<?php ?>.tmSnippet
<?php echo $this->… ?>.tmSnippet
<?php echo ___ ?>.tmSnippet
<?php echo htmlentities(___) ?>.tmSnippet
<?php else: ?>.tmSnippet
<?php foreach (___) ___ <?php endforeach ?>.tmSnippet
<?php if (___) ?> ___ <?php else ?> ___ <?php endif ?>.tmSnippet
<?php if (___) ?> ___ <?php endif ?>.tmSnippet
Continue Block Comment.tmSnippet
Include TextMate Support Script.tmSnippet
PHP Error Catching.tmSnippet
PHPDoc class var.tmSnippet
PHPDoc class.tmSnippet
PHPDoc constant definition.tmSnippet
PHPDoc function signature.tmSnippet
PHPDoc function.tmSnippet
PHPDoc header.tmSnippet
PHPDoc interface.tmSnippet
Special: Return Between PHP Tags.tmSnippet
Special: Return Inside an Array.tmSnippet
Start Docblock.tmSnippet
class { }.tmSnippet
define( ).tmSnippet
defined( ).tmSnippet
do while( ).tmSnippet
echo ___.tmSnippet
else {}.tmSnippet
elseif( ).tmSnippet
for( ).tmSnippet
foreach( ).tmSnippet
function xx( ).tmSnippet
if ?: a : b;.tmSnippet
if( ) else( ).tmSnippet
if( ).tmSnippet
include( ).tmSnippet
include_once( ).tmSnippet
new array( ).tmSnippet
require( ).tmSnippet
require_once( ).tmSnippet
return $retVal;.tmSnippet
return FALSE;.tmSnippet
return TRUE;.tmSnippet
switch( ) case:.tmSnippet
switch( ).tmSnippet
try { ___ } catch (___) { ___ }.tmSnippet
while( ).tmSnippet