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moving with option+left/right in {{ ... }} #5

kitlbast opened this Issue · 1 comment

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Hi. Repost this issue from TextMate2. With TextMate 1 i was able to move between words inside double braces:

<span>{{ var1.field1.field2 }}</span>

Now moving cursor to "{{" and press option+right bring me to the end braces "}}" instead of moving to "var1". However there are situations where moving between words inside braces working properly, for example in tag attributes:

<a href="{{ req.route_url(..) }}">

If this is not a bug, advice please how I can change this behavior with language grammars back to TM1 style?


This blog post tells about characterClass which is used in this case to determine what a 'word' is. The grammar, incorrectly, treats the template tag as a single unit thus giving the behavior you are seeing.

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