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// QCUIElement.h
// QuickCursor
// Created by Jesse Grosjean on 11/28/07.
// Copyright 2007 Hog Bay Software. All rights reserved.
#import <Cocoa/Cocoa.h>
@interface QCUIElement : NSObject {
AXUIElementRef uiElementRef;
#pragma mark Class Methods
+ (QCUIElement *)systemWideElement;
+ (QCUIElement *)focusedElement;
#pragma mark Init
- (id)initWithAXUIElementRef:(AXUIElementRef)aUIElementRef;
#pragma mark Attributes
@property(readonly) pid_t processID;
@property(readonly) NSString *processName;
@property(readonly) QCUIElement *application;
@property(readonly) QCUIElement *menuBar;
@property(readonly) QCUIElement *topLevelUIElement;
@property(readonly) QCUIElement *window;
@property(readonly) QCUIElement *parent;
@property(readonly) NSArray *children;
@property(readonly) NSString *title;
@property(readonly) NSString *role;
- (id)value;
- (BOOL)setValue:(id)value;
@property(readonly) NSArray *attributeNames;
- (id)valueForAttribute:(NSString *)attributeName;
- (BOOL)setValue:(id)newValue forAttribute:(NSString *)attributeName;
#pragma mark Actions
- (BOOL)activateProcess;
- (NSString *)readString;
- (BOOL)writeString:(NSString *)pasteString;
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