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Clear History.tmCommand
Clear Workspace.tmCommand
Close all Graphic Devices.tmCommand
Command Template.tmCommand
Create TM_Rdaemon_app.tmCommand
Edit StartOptions.tmCommand
Evaluate Line:Selection and copy into Pasteboard.tmCommand
Execute Line:Selection (Background > r_res).tmCommand
Execute Selection.tmCommand
Force Kill Rdaemon.tmCommand
Graphic Manager.tmCommand
Install Rdaemon.tmCommand
Load Default Workspace.tmCommand
Matrix Editor (β).tmCommand
New Quartz().tmCommand
Next History Item.tmCommand
Object's Attribute… (β).tmCommand
Open Console Logfile.tmCommand
Open Result File r_res.tmCommand
Order Front all Quartz Windows.tmCommand
Package Manager.tmCommand
Previous History Item.tmCommand
Quit and Don't Save.tmCommand
Quit and Save.tmCommand
Rescan Open Files.tmCommand
Reset Output.tmCommand
Reveal “Rdaemon” as TM Project.tmCommand
Reveal “Rdaemon” in Finder.tmCommand
Save Default Workspace.tmCommand
Search in History List.tmCommand
Set Working Directory.tmCommand
Show Active Screen Device as PDF.tmCommand
Show End of r_out.tmCommand
Show History List.tmCommand
Show Last Error Message.tmCommand
Show PIDs.tmCommand
Show R CPU coverage.tmCommand
Show RAM disk usage.tmCommand
Show Working Directory.tmCommand
Show Workspace.tmCommand
Start Rdaemon.tmCommand
Start X11.tmCommand
Try to interrupt current task.tmCommand
Vector Editor (β).tmCommand