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Make the ‘at’ snippet smarter: dates entered are right-aligned and if…

… the time is deleted, the ‘AT ’-prefix is removed as well (probably the ‘msg’ snippet will be removed and/or this one will be promoted to be the ‘msg’ snippet).

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1 parent d74192d commit 418362c017e0a1411806b8df468955dfe78aa452 @sorbits sorbits committed Jan 23, 2009
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@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@
<plist version="1.0">
- <string>REM ${1:`LANG=en_US date +'%b'`} ${2:`date +'%e'`} ${3:`date +'%Y'`} AT ${4:16}:${5:00} MSG ${0:message…}</string>
+ <string>REM ${1:`LANG=en_US date +'%b'`} ${2/^(.)$|.*/(?1: )/}${2:`date +'%e'`} ${3:`date +'%Y'`}${4: AT ${5:16}:${6:00}} MSG ${0:message…}</string>
<string>Date and Time</string>

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