Editing strings screws up alignment #7

skorecky opened this Issue Dec 7, 2012 · 2 comments

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As an example give the following code:

- test do
  = link_to "blah", "#"

When you attempt to edit a string, in this case either "blah" or "#" it will mess up the alignment and outdent it:

- test do
= link_to "blah", "#test"

This can become quite a nuance and can causes errors when trying to edit code.

@infininight infininight added a commit that closed this issue Dec 13, 2012
@infininight infininight Disable indent corrections.
Fixes #7.

How do you disable indent corrections?

textmate member

It's a preference item, once your bundle updates you can view it to see how it works. Didn't push out the update until just now so you should have it within 24 hours.

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