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rcodetools history
User-visible changes since 0.8.5
* Fix DATA and __END__ handling in xmpfilter --tempfile (windows)
User-visible changes since 0.8.4
* OOPS, added missing files.
User-visible changes since 0.8.0
* xmpfilter: fixed multi-line annotation bugs
User-visible changes since 0.7.0
* Support Ruby 1.9!
* xmpfilter: multi-line annotation
* xmpfilter --expectations generates expectations by Jay Fields
* anything-rcodetools.el: new elisp
* --tmpfile, --tempfile: use temporary file instead of open3 on un*x
* rcodetools.el: smarter xmpfilter-command
* rcodetools.el: rct-fork interface
* rct-fork: require 'rubygems' initially
* rct-fork: more stable
User-visible changes since 0.5.0
* "test-driven completion" (TDC) support for Emacs and vim (see README.TDC)
* --test (-t), --filename options for rct-complete and rct-doc, allowing to
specify the test to be run for 100% accurate completion/documentation in the
corresponding implementation
* ruby-toggle-file: finds the test file corresponding to a given
implementation and vice versa
* rct-fork, rct-fork-client: allow to eliminate the overhead due to library
loading (esp. useful for Rails)
* rbtest: executes unit tests in a single Ruby script
* --fork, --rbtest, --detect-rbtest supported by several commands
* xmpfilter's --spec now autodetects the RSpec version and generates
specifications with the appropriate syntax
User-visible changes since 0.4.1
* --dev: adds project directories to $:
* --completion-class-info: list completion candidates and class info
* display completion candidates with description, both in emacs
and vim (using the menu+preview window).
User-visible changes since 0.4.0
* rct-meth-args: implemented -I
* many bug fixes
xmpfilter was integrated into rcodetools as of 0.4.0.
xmpfilter history
User-visible changes since 0.3.1 (2006-10-17)
* implemented --debug
* --[no]-warnings
* --cd working_dir
* --rails
* --no-poetry
* more intelligent assertions: try to find which local variables hold the
values compared against in assertions/expectations
* editor-independent completion (-C, --completion-emacs, --completion-vim)
* quick method/class reference with -D (--refe, --ri*)
User-visible changes since 0.3.0 (2006-10-16)
* xmpfilter.rb --spec works on win32 too