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code folding recognizes Ruby keywords in "here" documents #15

RichMorin opened this Issue May 19, 2011 · 2 comments

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When I put Ruby keywords (eg, "do", for") into a "here" document, TM sees them as start points
for code folding. The rule should be stricter.

textmate member
sorbits commented May 19, 2011

For context, this was the problematic code:

code = <<-EOT
-- /tmp/ - temporary AppleScript file for Bulk Uploading
-- This is a mechanically-generated file - do NOT edit!
-- See as_create() in bu_t1 for details.

#{ as_fields(fields) }
JEG2 commented May 19, 2011

Allan can you confirm significantly folding improvements are planned for Avian? Would it be better to hold such fixed until that time?

@infininight infininight added a commit that closed this issue Aug 13, 2013
@infininight infininight Disable folding inside heredocs
Fixes #15
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