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Validate Syntax (for ERb) shows wrong version #6

sorbits opened this Issue · 0 comments

2 participants

Allan Odgaard Michael Sheets
Allan Odgaard

The Validate Syntax command (for ERb) is written in ruby and shows the version of the host interpreter (the ruby found via PATH) as the version used to validate the source.

The source however will be validated with the version of Ruby (ERb) specified using TM_ERB.

We are moving toward actually not suggesting users alter their PATH but only set TM_RUBY, TM_ERB, etc. to alter what version should be used (for user scripts).

The motivation is that by altering the PATH the user is also changing the version of ruby used for TextMate commands, and many of these have not been tested with ruby 1.9, ruby enterprise edition, etc.

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