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Make lineHighlight and selection colours the same

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1 parent 200b8b9 commit 51661c737decb494f3fa14151252795ec0fb6871 @timhatch timhatch committed
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4 Themes/Solarized (light).tmTheme
@@ -33,9 +33,9 @@
- <string>#EEE8D5</string>
+ <string>#eee8d5</string>
- <string>#073642</string>
+ <string>#eee8d5</string>

4 comments on commit 51661c7


I was wondering about this with regards to the Dark Theme. See also Issue 15. Line highlighting should be subtle and not get in the way whereas a selection should jump out at you. I've read some discussions over at the altercation/solarized hub and the consensus there is to use the dark background for selection in the light theme (and the other way around). What do you think?


Mea culpa.

When I was adding gutter themes I noticed that the lineHighlight and section colours were the same in the dark theme but not the light theme. As I've always used the dark theme I just assumed that its model was correct - but rechecking Ethan's examples I can see that actually it is the dark theme that has the error.

I'll correct this and ask Michael if he can pull to correct.



So I've taken a look at this and checked out Issue #15 in deporableword/textmate-solarized (and your comments/pull request #39).

As best I can figure from the examples on, the "intended behaviour" of solarized is to use colorscheme reversal for selection highlighting. i.e.

Normal text: (light / dark)
background: base3 / base03
foreground : base00 / base0

Highlighted text (light / dark):
background = base00 / base0
foreground = base3 / base03

I don't think that this can be replicated in Textmate unless it is possible to use scope selectors (which I haven't looked at yet) or unless this kind of colorsheme reversal can be baked into the core application.

I note your proposal to use base2 / base02 in dark and light schemes for highlighting. I suggest an alternative approach would be to take advantage of textmate's support for color opacity. So by example - I've stuck with base1 / base01 as the selection highlight colour, but used opacity to allow the foreground text to remain visible. This mirrors the approach of @joshcarr within the Issue #15 discussion.

I think that this kind of approach is closer to the "intended behaviour" than using than using base2/base02, but it's (obviously) a matter of opinion. Here's the hashtag for the modified files:


I'm not sure whether to ask for this to be pulled, as clearly there are many different ideas on the subject.


I think you're right about the idea is to have a full theme flip for selection highlighting. I'm working on themes for phpstorm and there I do exactly that and it's perfect. The textmate themes don't provide an easy way to do that, as you noted. I'll look into your solution using opacity. Not sure if Sublime supports that (which may be another reason to fork that off...different discussion ;) ).

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