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tbates commented Nov 11, 2012

Certainly for the time being (as copy doesn't put a styled version of the text on the pasteboard), this command is a godsend for getting syntax colored code into slides and blogs...

The command also sits rationally alongside existing commands which output styled html


infininight commented Mar 17, 2013

Pulled as a670d64, thanks!


tbates commented on 28eb831 Jun 24, 2013

Updating keyboard short-cut to ^⌥⌘-C to match paste online


tbates commented on c6e5246 Jun 24, 2013

It is often helpful to be able to set the type of text to regex when editing, for instance, find and replace strings that are not otherwise caught. Also helps discoverability

FWIW, the Extend selection to include previous shortcut conflicts with the HTML bundle's Wrap Selection in Open/Close Tag.

rprieto commented Nov 11, 2013

Thanks, this command is very helpful!

Is it an RTF restriction that it doesn't copy the theme background color? (sometimes an issue for dark themes, where some of the copied text can be white)


infininight commented Nov 12, 2013

As the command only copies the text rather than exporting an RTF document that isn't possible. The background color is part of the document metadata rather than the text.

rprieto commented Nov 12, 2013

Thanks for the clarification.

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