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# Changes
+## 2012-11-12 (r9321)
+* Add `filepanel` dialog command. For details use ⌃R (execute current line) on a line containing: `"$DIALOG" help filepanel`. *[Hans-Jörg Bibiko]*
+* The contributions page in the About window now list the commits from contributors. *[Brad Choate]*
+* When the file browser is showing a lot of items, delays can happen when opening, closing, saving, or changing a file (when it goes from unmodified to modified) so as a temporary workaround you can now disable the file browser status by adding the following to `.tm_properties`:
+ fileBrowserDocumentStatus = false
+ Long-term the goal is of course to improve the slow file browser refreshing. *[Josh Goebel]*
+* Command input and the `TM_SELECTED_TEXT` variable now work correctly with column selections.
+* If no theme is selected, the gutter now get a default set of colors. *[Robert Hencke]*
+* The command properties drawer in the bundle editor has been made less wide by wrapping a few lines. *[Adam Strzelecki]*
## 2012-10-01 (r9319)
* Using “Transpose” (⌃T) with a discontinuous selection will now swap the selected strings. If pressed repeatedly, and more than two strings are selected, it will cycle through all possible permutations.

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