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# Changes
+## 2013-02-08 (r9375)
+ * When moving focus to file browser via _Navigate → Move Focus to File Browser_ (⌥⌘⇥) and there is no selection, we now select the first item (mainly to give an indication of successfully having moved focus, as there is no focus ring for this view).
+ * On 10.8 TextMate will now show a notification when posting a crash report to ``. This way the notification center provides a list of recent crashes that can be clicked to view the online version.
+ * When closing other tabs (either right-clicking a tab and selecting that action or option-clicking a tab’s close button) documents which are modified but untitled are left open (rather than asking you about what to do).
+ * When TextMate run commands it creates a “clean” environment, only inheriting a select few variables from its parent process. You can now alter the whitelist via the `environmentWhitelist` defaults key. This is a colon-separated list of variables to inherit. If an item in the list contains an asterisk, then it is treated as a glob.
+ Example:
+ defaults write com.macromates.TextMate.preview environmentWhitelist '$default:MANPATH:*EDITOR'
+ Here ‘$default’ will expand to TextMate’s default whitelist.
+ Normally TextMate will setup `HOME`, `PATH`, `TMPDIR`, `LOGNAME`, and `USER`. If you whitelist any of these, then the variable (if set) will instead be inherited from the parent process.
+ * TextMate now respect setting `disableAutoIndent` and `disableOutputAutoIndent` in snippet and command bundle items.
+ * When inserting identical paired characters (like straight quotes), we now check the entire line to see if it’s unbalanced, rather than only what’s to the left of the caret.
+ * If you check “keep bundles updated” in _Preferences → Software Update_ then we no longer update the installed bundles. The index is however still kept up-to-date and it’s not recommended to disable bundle updates.
+ * Fix issue where entering a file suffix in the file chooser (⌘T) would get a too high rank.
+ * Fix searching for case-sensitive regular expressions. Previously the search would always be case insensitive.
## 2013-02-06 (r9371)
* Performing file operations in the file browser now instantly reload rather than wait for fs-events. This not only give a better experience (instant feedback) but also makes the file browser update properly when using file systems that doesn’t support fs-events.
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