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Simplified Chinese localization of xib files. #107

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Some of the strings were not localized since they were not leveraging .string files.


Great Job


Should we move the help book out of English.lproj? Then I think it will work as a fallback for localizations where the help book hasn’t been translated (rather than maintain duplicates). Alternatively we can make symbolic links.


@sorbits I've moved help book to resource folder so that any language will fallback to it in case there isn't a localized one.


Pulled, thanks!

I did a “move help book” commit prior to taking in yours and then merged your initial commit with the following one that removes the help book.

@sorbits sorbits closed this
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Commits on Aug 14, 2012
  1. @imxiaobo
  2. @imxiaobo
  3. @imxiaobo

    Moved the help book out of English language folder.

    imxiaobo committed
    Removed the help book in chinese language folder so that it will fallback to the one in resource.
  4. @imxiaobo
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