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-# Thrift Bundle Review Comments
-## Infininight - 2008-07-02
-* In the service snippet moving the space before extends into the replacement string gives cleaner results if Super is deleted.
-* Menu item names should be titlecased[4].
-* Perl and PHP (at least) need their firstLineMatch improved to not get triggered due to thrift using the words as arguments. (I'll take care of this -Infininight)
-#### Language Grammar
-* Several entity scopes are invalid[1]:
- *
- *
- *
- *
- *
- *
- * entity.other.field-id.thrift
-* The end of "$ ^" accomplishes the task of never ending, should probably add a comment to explain that is the goal as it's not clear. ("(?=not)possible" is used in some of other places to help make this clear.)
-* comment.line should include $\n? in the match to properly scope the caret at the end of a comment.
-* Two string.quoted scopes are invalid, but lets discuss on the mailing list wether we will reorganize the string scopes before fixing this.
-* The #field repository item has a bug when used in some cases[2]. Adding a look-ahead assertion of ) to all three end matches fixes it.
-* The third end match inside #field consumes the closing comma leaving nothing for the first end match to consume[3].
-* The end match for meta.service, etc could add a look-behind of } to allow comments after the closing }
-* If there is no closing comma/semicolon to a #field comments aren't being allowed to follow. Unsure if this is legal or not however.
-* string.quoted.double..thrift contains a stray extra dot.
-* meta.const|typedef needs a look-ahead assertion in the end match to allow comments to follow. (?=#|//|/\*|$)
-* should be entity.other.inherited-class.

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