A collection of tools which help to develop Textpattern CMS.
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Developer Toolbelt for Textpattern CMS

A collection of tools which help to develop Textpattern CMS.


Please see the Contributing documentation for details on how to get involved with the project.


Licensed under the GPLv2 license.

Textpattern release build process

When it comes time to bundle up a development version for release, the following process should be followed to ensure smooth continued development.


  • Semantic versioning is adopted with major.minor.patch standards.
  • Development code is suffixed -dev.
  • Beta code is suffixed -beta, -beta.2, -beta.3, ...
  • Any reference to x.y.z below refers to the version number and may be suffixed as mentioned.

Step 1

From the dev branch, create a release-x.y.z branch for the new version:

git checkout -b release-x.y.z dev

Step 2

Update HISTORY.txt and write an announcement for the blog, forum, and the mailinglist txp-announce@ (don't post yet).

Step 3

Update version numbers in:

  • README.txt
  • README.md (if possible: might need to be done after if the file download links have yet to be created)
  • The version pref val in textpattern/vendors/Textpattern/DB/Data/core.prefs.
  • The textpattern.version value in textpattern.js.
  • Theme manifests.

Step 4

Check for files containing Windows line-endings (\r\n) and convert those to Unix-style. Prevents false 'modified files' alarms for uploads done in FTP ASCII mode.

Step 5

Because upgrade scripts don't run on new installs, make sure the contents of the setup directory is completely in sync with all that's done in the /update scripts. Most of this is handled automatically but any per-user prefs or values injected from the setup process may need to be added by hand.

Step 6

Commit all changes with commit message such as HISTORY and version numbers for x.y.z.

Step 7

Edit /textpattern/index.php to bump main version number.

Most importantly:

Release type Note
Stable Set $txp_is_dev to false, then commit.
Beta Leave $txp_is_dev at true, then commit.

Step 8

Run checksums.php from textpattern-toolbelt:

php /path/to/textpattern-toolbelt/release/checksums.php /path/to/dev/textpattern rebuild

Commit with message such as Checksums for x.y.z.

Step 9

Copy the entire bundle to a local directory and test. Things to look for:

  1. New installation/setup works.
  2. Upgrade from (populated) recent versions works.
  3. Multi-site installations work.
  4. Automated installations work.
  5. Version numbers are reported correctly throughout.
  6. The High Diagnostics panel reports everything correctly.
  7. Public tags provide expected output.
  8. Runs on as many versions of PHP, MySQL (or off-brand equivalents), Apache, Nginx.
  9. Left over files that need deleting.

Fix anything that doesn't work, and commit changes to the release-x.y.z branch. Run checksums again if required and commit with message such as This is x.y.z.

Step 10

Merge to master:

git checkout master
git merge release-x.y.z
git push

Step 11

Run build script. It will build two package files in a temporary location and report where that is. Supply a second argument if you wish to override this destination.

cd /path/to/repo
/path/to/textpattern-toolbelt/release/txp-gitdist.sh x.y.z

Step 12

Verify packages have been built correctly. Unzip them to check. SHA256 checksums are automatically built for the download package(s).

Step 13

Prepare a release for version x.y.z on GitHub:

  • Set the tag to just the vanilla version number x.y.z along with any required -beta suffix.
  • Ensure the target select box is master.
  • Use the same tag name for the release Title, but prefix it with a lower case v.
  • Attach packages and SHA256 checksums.
  • If it's a beta, ensure the Pre-release checkbox is set.

Use git pull to bring the new tag down to your local repo's master branch.

Step 14

Upload packages to textpattern.com website. Ensure they comply with the semantic filename versioning rules.

For each uploaded file, select the appropriate file category:

Current release (Zip format)
Current release (Gzip format)
Current beta release (Zip format)
Current beta release (Gzip format)

Make sure the Title and Description fields are filled out correctly (see previous files for examples of this).

Step 15

Remove the category assignment from previous uploads of a beta / stable releases. Note you can have a stable release and a beta release at the same time, but it's good housekeeping to remove old categories from previous releases. Everything is built automatically based on these category assignments.

Step 16

When writing the corresponding article, use the shortcode as follows:

notextile. <txp::media_file filename="textpattern-x.y.z.zip" sha256="hash-here" />
<txp::media_file filename="textpattern-x.y.z.tar.gz" sha256="hash-here" />

Step 17

Add a section to the 'Get started' article when a beta is available (remove it from here at the end of the beta cycle but leave it in its dedicated article for posterity).

Step 18

Prepare for ongoing development:

git checkout release-x.y.z

Step 19

Edit /textpattern/index.php to bump version number to next release. Ensure it has -dev suffix. If this release is a beta, it's okay to revert the version number to the same x.y.z-dev it was before.

Step 20

Set $txp_is_dev to true if it was previously false. Commit regardless to ensure version change is applied.

Step 21

Merge release to dev so any changes in the release are recorded:

git checkout dev
git merge release-x.y.z
git push

Step 22

Delete release branch as it has served its purpose.

git branch -d release-x.y.z

You might have to use -D switch if the branch deletion complains it's 'unmerged': that's because we just modified it ready for returning to dev. It depends if the release branch was pushed to the central repo or not. If so:

git push origin —-delete release-x.y.z

Step 23

Post announcements to forum / twitter / relevant social media.

Step 24

Search through all textpattern.com articles to update any outdated version numbers (in case articles were written in advance or features got moved between versions, or reference the download itself).

Step 25

Light cigar and wait for the fallout. Sleep.