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if (@ini_get('register_globals')) {
if (isset($_REQUEST['GLOBALS']) || isset($_FILES['GLOBALS'])) {
die('GLOBALS overwrite attempt detected. Please consider turning register_globals off.');
// Collect and unset all registered variables from globals
$_txpg = array_merge(
isset($_SESSION) ? (array) $_SESSION : array(),
(array) $_ENV,
(array) $_GET,
(array) $_POST,
(array) $_COOKIE,
(array) $_FILES,
(array) $_SERVER);
// As the deliberately awkward-named local variable $_txpfoo MUST NOT be unset to avoid notices further down
// we must remove any potentially identical-named global from the list of global names here.
foreach ($_txpg as $_txpfoo => $value) {
if (!in_array($_txpfoo, array(
))) {
unset($GLOBALS[$_txpfoo], $$_txpfoo);
header('Content-type: text/css');
if (!defined("txpath"))
define("txpath", dirname(__FILE__).'/textpattern');
if (!isset($txpcfg['table_prefix']))
ob_start(NULL, 2048);
include txpath.'/config.php';
$nolog = 1;
define("txpinterface", "css");
include txpath.'/publish.php';
$s = gps('s');
$n = gps('n');
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