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Textpattern CMS 4.7.1
Released under the GNU General Public License.
See textpattern/lib/LICENSE.txt for terms and conditions.
Includes contributions licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License.
See textpattern/lib/LICENSE-LESSER.txt for terms and conditions.
Includes contributions licensed under the New BSD License.
See textpattern/lib/LICENSE-BSD-3.txt for terms and conditions.
== About ==
Textpattern CMS is a flexible, elegant and easy-to-use content management
system. Textpattern is free and open source.
== Getting Started ==
* The Textpattern FAQ is available at
* In-depth documentation and a comprehensive tag index is available in the
Textpattern user documentation at
* You can get support and information via:
== Installation ==
* Extract the Textpattern files to your site (in the web root, subdomain or
subdirectory). The top-level index.php file should reside in this directory,
as should the /textpattern/, /rpc/ and /themes directories.
* Ensure the top-level .htaccess file is transferred to your site. The file is
hidden by default on some operating systems, including macOS. Most FTP clients
and IDEs have an option to show these hidden files. Otherwise, you can
temporarily show hidden files in macOS by using the - follow
these instructions:
* Create or verify the existence of a working MySQL database with valid username
and password. From Textpattern 4.6.0, the MySQL database user requires INDEX
permissions in addition to standard SELECT, CREATE, UPDATE, ALTER, etc
permissions. See the system requirements for a complete list:
* Load /textpattern/setup/ (or /subdirectory/textpattern/setup/) in your
browser to start the installation process and follow the directions.
* When the installation is complete, remove the /textpattern/setup/ directory
from your site.
* If you are running Textpattern on an Apache web server, you can rename
/files/.htaccess-dist to /files/.htaccess to prohibit direct URL access to
your uploaded files. Thus the only route to these files becomes through the
/file_download/ directory. It is recommended you consider employing this
feature. Alternatively, move your /files/ directory out of a web-accessible
location. Once moved, you can specify your new directory location from the
Textpattern Admin Preferences (Admin -> Preferences -> Admin).
* Check back regularly at to see if an update is
available. Updates are as painless as possible, often extending functionality,
fixing bugs and/or security-related issues. Your Admin -> Diagnostics panel
will also display a message if a new version is available.
== Upgrading ==
* Read the release notes in HISTORY.txt, both for the version you are upgrading
to and any prior versions you are skipping. Ensure you understand any changes
and enhancements that may affect your Textpattern site functionality. If in
doubt, refer to the resources in the Getting Started section above before you
undertake the upgrade process.
* NOTE: Versions prior to 4.2.0 should be upgraded to 4.2.0 before subsequent
version upgrades. Upgrades from versions prior to 4.2.0 will present warnings
and/or errors upon the first login to the admin-side. These may include:
Unknown column 'user_name' in 'where clause' select name,
val from txp_prefs where prefs_id=1 AND user_name='' in
/path/to/your/site/textpattern/lib/txplib_db.php on line xx
Undefined variable: language in
/path/to/your/site/textpattern/index.php at line xx
Undefined variable: gmtoffset in
/path/to/your/site/textpattern/update/_to_4.2.0.php at line xx
This is expected behaviour. The messages will disappear with subsequent
navigation in the admin-side.
* Confirm your web server meets or exceeds the Textpattern system requirements:
* Log out of the Textpattern admin-side.
* Verify the existence of a known-good Textpattern database and file backup.
* Ensure your MySQL database user has INDEX permissions in addition to any
permissions previously granted.
* Replace the top-level index.php, css.php and .htaccess files, everything in
the /rpc/ directory and everything in the /textpattern/ directory (except
/textpattern/config.php and the /textpattern/setup directory) with the
corresponding files in this distribution. In addition, ensure the /themes
directory exists if it is not already there, and is writable.
When uploading the /textpattern/ directory, ensure you merge its contents with
your existing site to preserve any custom files in your existing installation.
Note: css.php and /rpc/ may not exist if the installed version of
Textpattern is prior to 4.2.0.
* It is recommended that the browser cache is cleared to ensure the newer files
are used in preference to the older files.
* Log in to the Textpattern admin-side. The upgrade script(s) will run
automatically. Check the site diagnostics (Admin -> Diagnostics) to confirm
the correct Textpattern version number is displayed and whether there are any
* Verify all preference settings (Admin -> Preferences).
== Additional Resources ==
* There are additional resources for the default front-side theme, such as
Sass preprocessor files, available at:
== Contributing ==
Want to help out with the development of Textpattern CMS? Please refer to the
Contributing documentation
for full details.