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## Download Textpattern
The current production release is version 4.7.0. It can be downloaded from the
The current production release is version 4.7.1. It can be downloaded from the
Textpattern website as a
[.zip]( or
[.tar.gz]( archive.
[.zip]( or
[.tar.gz]( archive.
## Install Textpattern
@@ -59,27 +59,6 @@ obtained from the [Textpattern repository on GitHub](
versions are works-in-progress and not recommended for use on live production
### Anticipated changes to future system requirements
System requirements for the development version may differ from the production
release [system requirements](
As a development version approaches release, minimum and recommended system
requirements are confirmed and the production release [system requirements]( will
be updated accordingly.
The following table outlines anticipated / expected changes to system
requirements for future releases. It takes into account vendor library support,
security considerations and other factors. Note that minimum and/or recommended
versions listed may changed during the development process.
| | Minimum<br />(v4.8.0) | Recommended<br />(v4.8.0) |
| PHP | 5.5 | 7.2 |
| MySQL | &mdash; | &mdash; |
| Apache | &mdash; | &mdash; |
| Nginx | &mdash; | &mdash; |
## Contributing
Want to help out with the development of Textpattern CMS? Please refer to the

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