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philwareham committed Dec 6, 2018
1 parent 556ed3b commit 8fc644ce4d3eb48897e6394c9e747256202af407
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@@ -13,11 +13,14 @@ Changes in 4.7.2
* Fixed: Multibyte characters are correctly obfuscated by <txp:email />.
* Changed: <txp:search_input /> can be used as a container tag, and also accepts
'aria_label' and 'placeholder' attributes.
* Fixed: Salutation text within emails not displaying correctly.
* Changed: More robust search routes within default public-side theme.
* Changed: Improved upgrade route where MySQL NO_ZERO_DATE is set.
* Changed: Enhanced password manager compatibility on login and user details
* Changed: Extended fallback to 'C' locale in some situations.
* Changed: Partially translated inline help files use fallback language (by
default: English) where localized help items are not present.
* Changed: Hive admin theme login panel now displays link to public site.
* Changed: Simplified Classic admin theme login panel layout.
* Changed: Fine-grained development theme preview.
@@ -28,12 +31,16 @@ Changes in 4.7.2
* Changed: Text blocks starting with a Textpattern tag are not Textile'd.
* Changed: File data is available on 'file_download' callback.
* Changed: Article lists can be split by 'breakby' form value.
* Changed: Expanded media items within default theme.
* Added: 'aria_label' and 'placeholder' attributes on comment input fields.
* Added: Latest translations.
* Added: French pophelp translation. Massive thanks to Lowel for all their work.
* Added: French inline help translation. Massive thanks to Lowel for all their
* Added: Czech inline help translation. Massive thanks to Miloš Berka for all
their work.
* Added: Global 'trim' and 'default' attributes.
* Added: Global 'escape="ordinal|spell|url"' attribute values.
* Added: Custom form (MIME)types, served as "flat" files if needed.
* Added: Custom form media (MIME) types, served as 'flat' files if needed.
* Added: Option to export form/page/style to disk on save.
* Added: 'context' and 'format' attributes to <txp:output_form /> tag.
* Added: 'context' attribute to <txp:link_to_next />, <txp:link_to_prev />,

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