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Bloke committed Feb 25, 2019
1 parent 573cf20 commit d10564f934aafae6d8e114faa245296089502975
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@@ -2,13 +2,14 @@ Changes in 4.7.3 (upcoming)

* Fixed: 'Export to disk' checkbox state inconsistencies for new assets.
* Fixed: Logout issue in Classic admin theme.
* Fixed: a bug when PHP 'mbstring' extension is disabled.
* Fixed: A bug when PHP 'mbstring' extension is disabled.
* Fixed: Prevent Alt+s from triggering save.
* Changed: Permit falling back on pophelp in 'lang' database table.
* Added: <txp:yield /> values are available in external forms too.
* Added: Latest translations.
* Added: Complete Italian inline help translation. Many thanks to Giampiero
Mellea for all their work.
* Developer: Introduce L10n/Lang->languageList() to get language tuples.
* Textile 3.7.1. See
for full list of changes in this release (thanks, gocom).

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