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philwareham committed Feb 25, 2019
1 parent 7f9b416 commit fd7fcfafbd9115276c4ebf65ad4179b3b33ac4fe
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@@ -36,15 +36,15 @@ Changes in 4.7.2
* Changed: Extended fallback to 'C' locale in some situations.
* Changed: Partially translated inline help files use fallback language (by
default: English) where localised help items are not present.
default: English) where localized help items are not present.
* Changed: Hive admin theme login panel now displays link to public site.
* Changed: Simplified Classic admin theme login panel layout.
* Changed: Fine-grained development theme preview.
* Changed: More customizable Atom/RSS feeds via 'atom_head', 'rss_head' and
'feed_filter' callbacks.
* Changed: Deleting an article deletes any associated comments.
* Changed: Forms, Pages and Styles accept pre-4.7 names for editing, but
must be sanitised prior to saving.
must be sanitized prior to saving.
* Changed: Some emoji are preserved in automatically-generated article URL
* Changed: Article text blocks starting with a Textpattern tag are not
@@ -88,7 +88,7 @@ Changes in 4.7.1
* Fixed: Section page/style selectors are correctly populated.
* Fixed: Articles without a URL-only title have a valid permlink across all
link formats.
* Changed: Additional code optimisation for PHP 5.4 and later.
* Changed: Additional code optimization for PHP 5.4 and later.
* Changed: Improved language string coverage in setup process.
* Changed: Extended use of Textpattern 4.7.*-native tags in Four Point Seven
@@ -124,7 +124,7 @@ Changes in 4.7.0
* Added: <txp:if_logged_in /> tag.
* Added: XML and JSON file support. Completely overhauled setup procedure to
centralise and verify/delete preferences on upgrade. Table structure and
centralize and verify/delete preferences on upgrade. Table structure and
preferences defined in files for easier maintenance (thanks, makss).
* Added: Per-user admin panel language preference (decoupled from site language
@@ -211,7 +211,7 @@ Changes in 4.7.0
* Changed: More locale-aware date handling in safe_strftime().
* Changed: Deprecated support for uploading .swf files via Images panel (support
will be removed entirely at Textpattern 4.8.0).
* Changed: Extensive admin theme image optimisations.
* Changed: Extensive admin theme image optimizations.
* Changed: Admin theme accessibility improvements.
* Changed: Admin theme layout improvements on small devices.
* Changed: Pagination and search added to Plugins panel.
@@ -248,7 +248,7 @@ Changes in 4.6.2
* Maintenance release with bug fixes.
* Fixed: More complete SQL trace on non-row-based queries.
* Fixed: Update process for filesystem-only releases.
* Fixed: Normalise link text in some tag builder tags (thanks, makss).
* Fixed: Normalize link text in some tag builder tags (thanks, makss).
* Fixed: Incorrect focus ring styling.
* Fixed: Define Trace in RPC (thanks, Retrax/makss).
* Added: Better cross-browser support for input type=color
@@ -879,7 +879,7 @@ Changes in 4.0.5
* Distribute jQuery 1.1.2 as a default JavaScript library.
* Keep image properties on replacement.
* Add 'delete thumbnail' function.
* Support back end branding: customisable logo and colour bar.
* Support back end branding: customizable logo and colour bar.
* Table sort indicators.
* Textile improvements.
* Fix non-utf8 mails (iso 8859-1).
@@ -895,7 +895,7 @@ Changes in 4.0.5
* Fix 'active class' in section_list, category_list.
* Better cooperation with some proxies (and other HTTP/1.0 clients).
* Smarter comment submit button emphasises preview step.
* Smarter comment submit button emphasizes preview step.
* Optionally hide spam comments in back end list.
* Truncate longish article category titles in the write screen.
* Handle thumbnailing of larger images.
@@ -992,7 +992,7 @@ Changes in 4.0.3
loading at window.onload, useful for admin side plugins.
* Improve MySQL 5 compatibility.
* Add comment edit link to notification emails.
* Make comment-time format customisable in tag (mary).
* Make comment-time format customizable in tag (mary).
* Add offset-attribute to file_download_list (mary).
* Make older, newer and link_to_home work more consistantly with other nav-tags
@@ -1031,7 +1031,7 @@ Changes in 4.0.2
* Improved comment input form HTML markup.
* Improved txp:section and txp:category tags.
* New tags: txp:if_different, txp:if_first_article, txp:if_last_article.
* Localise the XML feed link title.
* Localize the XML feed link title.
* Better encoding of article titles.
* Fix rare problems caused by magic_quotes_runtime.
* Improved file upload forms.

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