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@Bloke Bloke released this Apr 6, 2018 · 607 commits to master since this release

Notable changes since second beta:

  • Fix syntax errors on PHP <5.6 (thanks, makss).
  • Included new language translations - thank you to all translators.
  • Staff Writer/Freelancer/Designer saving as Live/Sticky gives better notification feedback (thanks, Pete Cooper).
  • Sub-Copy Editor-level users can now modify an article immediately after initial save (thanks, Pete Cooper).
  • Categories: can no longer reassign the parent of a child element to its children! Avoids infinite tree loops.
  • Fixes and UX improvements for lower privilege level users.
  • Margin tweaks for UI elements across devices.
  • Checkbox and radio button visual tweaks.
  • Make 'new' links consistent throughout the interface.
  • Only show 'new' links when on saved Pages, Forms and Styles (thanks, Adi).
  • More consistent URL title when duplicating articles.
  • Fix Save/Publish button interaction when changing status.
  • Hide list options for empty tables.
  • Improve panel layout across all privilege levels (thanks, Pete Cooper).
  • Tag builder link only appears for authors with sufficient privileges.
  • Permit all users to edit per-user prefs.
  • Add debug info to article preview step.
  • Only show article preview option if privileged.
  • Move more panels to Ajax saves.
  • Add pagination and search to Plugins panel.
  • Fix pagination message when searching boolean values.
  • Make search impossible if no fields are chosen.
  • Add Textpack preview and tidied plugin preview step.
  • Fix installation of language textpacks from plugins (thanks, Adi and jools-r).
  • Only show truly active plugins in Diagnostics, and strikethrough plugin status if prefs indicate certain types are inactive (thanks, Uli).
  • Alter working theme when saving section asset assignments (thanks, ruud).
  • Permit direct manipulation of $textarray as an interim fallback for legacy plugins.
  • Permit custom field content to be omitted in <txp:article_custom> based on the exclude attribute.
  • Add <+> syntax for prepend/append in wraptag attribute.
  • <txp:yield> fixes to permit unset attributes.
  • <txp:output_form> uses yield by default.
  • Fix Textile use-string-as-array bug (thanks, Pat64).
  • Parser performance tweaks.
  • Add sync param to theme callbacks.
  • Use correct txp. prefix for API calls, instead of api..
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