@Bloke Bloke released this May 10, 2018 · 102 commits to master since this release

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Release Candidate 1 for Textpattern 4.7.0.

Notable changes since third beta:

  • Include new translations - thank you once again to all translators for keeping pace.
  • Add preamble to Languages panel regarding translations.
  • GDPR compliance:
    • <txp:comment_remember> now forgets for good (destroys cookie) and defaults to 'off'.
    • No collection of IP when a user leaves a comment.
    • No logging of IP/host and no reverse DNS lookups. General hit logging capability still retained, just without Personally Identifiable Information being collected (thanks, Destry et al).
  • Logs panel operates via AJAX.
  • Fix upgrades from 4.5.x. It's even possible to jump from 4.2.0 directly, although it's safer to do it in two or more hops with 4.2.0 and 4.5.7 as the stepping stones (thanks, gaekwad and phiw13).
  • Improve article sort values for complex conditions.
  • More consistent link to next/previous.
  • Using the shorthand status in <txp:article> tags assumes any published status (live/sticky currently).
  • Permit any file type to be handled from the Styles panel (js, svg, txt, ...) if the hidden assets_mimetypes pref is set with a list of supported file extensions (thanks, colak).
  • Public theme tweaks to include Facebook OpenGraph and JSON-LD metadata (thanks, gaekwad).
  • Fix multiple notifications being trashed by newer ones when doing a series of file-based actions (thanks, gaekwad).
  • Visual tweaks such as higher contrast ratios and visual weight to improve readability.
  • Fix some GIF uploads (such as animated GIFs) throwing warnings if the transparent colors were out of range.
  • Remove 'Copy' link from articles panel for now as it's not so pretty. Copy capability retained via URL manipulation (e.g. so plugins can step in).
  • Permit pophelp on link headings - reinstate the pophelp on the Custom Fields group (thanks, gaekwad).