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@Bloke Bloke released this Feb 25, 2019

Textpattern CMS maintenance release v4.7.3 introduces the following feature enhancements, changes and fixes:


  • <txp:yield /> values are available in external forms too.
  • Indicator for WebP support in Diagnostics panel.
  • Latest language translations.
  • Complete Italian inline help translation. Many thanks to Giampiero Mellea for all their work.
  • Introduce L10n/Lang->languageList() to get language tuples.


  • Permit falling back on pophelp in 'lang' database table.
  • 'Show password' on Users panel displays both passwords.
  • Latest version of Textile (3.7.1).


  • 'Export to disk' checkbox state inconsistencies for new assets.
  • Logout issue in Classic admin theme.
  • A bug when PHP mbstring extension is disabled.
  • Prevent Alt+S from triggering save (thanks, o10154016).
  • Language .ini files trump old .txt files.
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