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@Bloke Bloke released this Jan 28, 2020 · 60 commits to master since this release

Notable changes since first beta:

  • Developer preview pref toggles all preview ability.
  • Tweak Sections panel:
    Development assets now appear below any live assets.
    Change theme/page/style's Live checkbox is now off by default.
    Development assets are now searchable.
  • Show dev themes in use on Themes panel.
  • Only show In use pill and Assign section link if more than one theme is present (thanks, phiw13).
  • Improve asset deletion/renaming to avoid orphaned content (thanks, phiw13)
  • Support for pageless sections. This allows content snippets and creative article flows to be constructed (e.g. parent/child articles stitched together via custom fields) while not exposing pageless content directly via a URL.
  • Improve section/category URL scheme (thanks, colak).
  • Breadcrumb URL scheme: cat1+cat2 is now cat1/cat2 (thanks, colak).
  • Improve category matching and exclusion filters (thanks, colak).
  • Restore 4.7 <txp:header> defaults (thanks, Myusername).
  • New <txp:if_request /> tag for checking server, URL, POST and cookie variables.
  • Added global replace attribute to swap out content that has been removed by the trim attribute.
  • Added 'match' and 'separator' attributes to <txp:if_variable /> tag.
  • Added 'pg' and 'total' attributes to <txp:newer /> and <txp:older /> tags.
  • Links have an editable publish time and date on the Links panel (thanks, code365).
  • Hive and Classic admin themes now support 3 column layouts.
  • Warn if plugin directory is not writable in Diagnostics and Plugins panels (thanks, Destry).
  • Support for Bengali, Khmer, Nynorsk and Welsh languages.
  • Latest translations: thank you to all contributors via Crowdin.
  • Reverted enforced plugin tag registration for another version (or two).
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