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@petecooper petecooper released this 01 Jan 14:03
· 22 commits to main since this release

First beta release of Textpattern 4.8.8 (aka Textpattern 4.8.8-beta.1).

  • Maintenance release with support for PHP 8.1, security enhancements, general
    improvements and bug fixes.
  • Security: to be advised (many thanks, Paul Ritchie at Pentest Limited).
  • Fixed: More robust numeric searches.
  • Fixed: Improved query efficiency of category operations.
  • Fixed: Required parameters after optional in tag builder (thanks, phiw13).
  • Fixed: Admin-side pagination when sorting by non-unique values.
  • Added: Natural search mode.
  • Added: Random form selection.
  • Added: Support for AVIF image format, on PHP 8.1 or higher.
  • Added: Global limit, offset and sort attributes.
  • Added: url_title attribute to <txp:article[_custom] />.
  • Added: range attribute to <txp:article_image />.
  • Added: date and time attributes to <txp:if_expired />.
  • Added: calendar attribute to <txp:posted /> and similar tags.
  • Added: Substring extraction via escape attribute.
  • Added: <txp:items_count /> tag.
  • Added: Expanded conditional 'match' attribute with comparison operators.
  • Added: UTC is now a permitted time zone.
  • Added: Custom date formats.
  • Changed: <txp:category_list /> with children >1 attribute behaviour.
  • Changed: Global escape attribute operates at the items level in lists.
  • Accessibility: Additional aria-label attributes for some internal links.
  • Internal: Removed FOUND_ROWS() which is deprecated in MySQL 8.0.17.
  • Internal: Prefer is_readable() and is_file() to file_exists().
  • Developer: Added plugin lifecycle events upgraded and downgraded.
  • Developer: Export new article IDs on duplicate.
  • PrismJS 1.24.1.

Final cut of Textpattern 4.8.8 expected 2022 Q1.