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I read about elm and I think the idea is great. But I did not like the ports that are needed to interop with JavaScript. I wanted to try out Kotlin and I knew it also compiles to JavaScript and has good interop so off I went into Kotlin land.

After 3 weeks of sporadic evening coding something emerged that was already working rather decently. It had a VirtualDOM and command support for a REST call. It even behaved in a stable fashion.


In the examples repository there is currently one example called demo. The demo application shows how to use this library.


Currently this library is really in an alpha state, so please forgive me for the rough edges at the moment. If you give this framework a try, feedback is really appreciated.

HTML element support

Not all HTML elements/attributes are supported in the DSL around snabbdom.

I've foreseen the following generic methods to compensate for this.

  • DslBodyTag.tag(name : String, vararg cssClasses : String, init : DslBodyTag.() -> Unit)
  • DslTag.attr(name : String, value: String)

Event Handler support

All event handlers are available that snabbdom provides check DslOn for details. You can find a usage example here

The event handler methods are factory methods for messages that can alter the state.


UiRig uses snabbdom version 0.7.2.

HTTP request handling

The HttpCommand is a very basic wrapper around the XMLHttpRequest.

I'm thinking about creating a DSL to describe HTTP request handling.

Shared settings and command behaviour will be captured in an HttpCommandFactory.

val httpCommandFactory = httpCommandFactory {
  header(name, value) // think of Authorization headers that need to be set for all but the login request
  options {
    requestTimeOut = 1000
    // other options
  error {
    // message creation logic here
  timeOut {
    // message creation logic here

Actual commands are created by using the get/post/... methods that expose a DSL to define request specific settings and behaviour.

val httpCommand = {
  header (name, value)

  options {
    requestTimeOut = 2000
    // other options

  body(bodyValue, serializer)
  ok {
    // message creation logic here
  ok(serializer) // to just parse the response with - if the response maps to a message
  ok(serializer) {
    // message creator method reference that wraps the parsed response
  error {
    // message creation logic here
  timeOut {
    // message creation logic here

The above code is just an idea, no promises made here.


I am mostly a Java backend guy (14 years and counting). I do want to do frontend work but I have not encountered any frontend UI framework that I like. I find that most frameworks are just a port of MVC server side rendering copied into web browser land. Usually things don't behave as expected for me and it's hard to predict in what order things happen. This is not acceptable for me. It costs way to much time to get things to work in a stable fashion.


UiRig is a frontend framework written in Kotlin and inspired by








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