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Not maintained - Run subsets of your Jasmine specs by annotating them with tags.
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Jasmine Tags

STATUS: Not maintained

A simple hack on top of Jasmine to add tag annotations to specs and run subsets of all specs.


Annotate describe and it blocks with tags:

describe('some heavy lifiting your might want to skip some times', function() {
  it('is very important', function() {

Use multiple tags:

tags('focus', 'acceptance');
describe('some acceptance specs you are currently working on', function() {

Appending a query string parameter to your test runner filters specs by tags:

?tags=focus        # Run only specs with tag focus
?tags=!slow        # Run only specs which are not tagged with slow
?tags=focus,!slow  # Run only focus specs which are not slow

Maybe one day there will be a glossy interface to select tags in the spec runner.


Just link src/jasmine_tags.js from your jasmine spec runner.


Please fork and improve.

Copyright (c) 2011 Tim Fischbach. This software is licensed under the MIT License.

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