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Goal is to create a boilerplate for electron that uses typescript
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Getting Started

To load up from scratch:

  1. Pull Repo
  2. Run yarn inside root
  3. Run cd server && yarn
  4. To start up the client yarn start from the root

To start:

  1. Run yarn start inside root

To manually start GraphQL Server, connected with your MongoDB URI:

  1. Run cd server

  2. Run yarn start

  3. Go to localhost:4000 for GraphQL Playground

  4. Run cd server && cd database

  5. Run docker-compose up -d only need to run when docker-compose.yml is updated

  6. Run prisma deploy Docker needs to be running

  7. Run prisma generate generates Prisma-Schema

  8. Run prisma playground to interact/demo with database

Helpful Links

Electron Tutorial - Getting Started

A Great Guide for GraphQL with Apollo Server

Another Helpful Guide for GraphQL/Apollo/Mongoose

Queries with Mongoose

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