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Gem to integrate the jQuery Raty plugin into the Rails asset pipeline
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This project is in the process of being reanimated after being abandoned 🛤🎉 As of this moment (Oct 2018) it will successfully pull the jQuery Raty code into your project's asset pipeline. However, the Raty code is hard coded into the gem at version 2.8.0. As time permits I will be creating some tasks to pull it directly from the jQuery Raty repository on GitHub.

I am open to contributions and issues, please let me know if you see room for improvement.

-Travis Fantina 🐳


jquery-raty-rails is a Ruby gem that wraps the jQuery Raty plugin, allowing its image and Javascript files to be served via the Rails asset pipeline.

jQuery Raty is a useful "star rating" jQuery plugin.

This project is not officially associated with the jQuery Raty project.


Install the gem

jquery-raty-rails requires Rails 5 or greater.

To install, add one of the following to your Rails project's Gemfile:

gem 'jquery-raty-rails'                                  # Released version
gem 'jquery-raty-rails', github: 'tfantina/jquery-raty-rails' # Bleeding edge

Then, install the gem by running bundle install.

Configure the assets

Modify the Sprockets manifest in your application.js file to include one of the following, depending on whether you want to include the compressed Javascript or the uncompressed Javascript:

//= require jquery.raty
//= require jquery.raty.min


At this point, your Rails application has access to jQuery Raty. See the jQuery Raty web site for instructions on how to use the plugin.


  • The jQuery Raty images are installed so that their assets paths won't conflict with same-named images in the application or in other gems.
  • This blog post, by Stephen Ball, was a huge help in figuring out how to create this gem.

Copyrights, License, etc.

jQuery Raty is copyright © Washington Botelho.

jquery-raty-rails copyright © 2018 Brian M. Clapper and is released under a BSD license.

jquery-raty-rails is maintained by Travis Fantina

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