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Psi 0.15-dev
Date: November 7th, 2009

  Justin Karneges (2001-2004, 2009-current)

  Kevin Smith (2004-2009)

  For installation or compiling instructions, see the INSTALL file.

  This program is licensed under the GNU General Public License.  See
  the COPYING file for more information.

Known Issues
The following are known issues with this release:
Issues with Qt 4.5.0: Hang on exit, hang when using GnuPG.
Issues with QCA <2.0.2 + Qt 4.5: Hang on exit.
Issues with qca-gnupg <2.0.0-beta3 + Qt 4.5: Hang when using GnuPG.

  - QCA --
    * QCA 2.x is required to build Psi: a version is bundled with Psi.
    * The qca-ossl and qca-gnupg plugins are desirable for full 
      functionality of Psi.

  - Voice Calling --
    * The PsiMedia 1.0.x plugin and the qca-ossl plugin are needed to activate
      the voice calling feature.  Source and builds of PsiMedia can be found
      On Windows, place gstprovider.dll into the base directory.
      On Mac, place libgstprovider.dylib into
      On Linux, place into LIBDIR/psi/plugins

  - Upgrading to 0.12 --
    * During the upgrade process, the old config.xml configuration file will
      be imported into the new option.xml format. Neither file should now be
      edited by hand, since all options are exposed in the options window. 
      Config.xml can be safely removed once the upgrade is complete.

  - GnuPG tips --
    * Always use the latest version of GnuPG.
    * On Windows, use a native build instead of one based on cygwin, and make
      sure it is properly installed in the registry.
    * Ensure 'gpg' actually works, by testing it from the command-line.
    * You must have a public and secret keyring.  Psi cannot operate
      without them, and they must be there when you start it.

  New in 0.14
  - Added color options to the chat window.
  - Can now specify a reason for kick/ban in groupchat.
  - Improved User Info window, to show more fields and photo view/save.
  - Support for Enchant as an alternative to Aspell.
  - Commandline interface now supports choosing profile and setting status.
  - D-BUS interface now supports setting status and indicating sleep/wake.
  - Fixed voice calling compatibility bugs with Pidgin and Empathy.
  - Various other minor improvements and bugfixes.

  New in 0.13
  - Voice calls (Jingle RTP).
  - Basic XMPP URI handler.
  - Ability to permanently trust certificates at connect time.
  - Mini command system (Ctrl+7 in chat window).
  - Various bugfixes.

  New in 0.12.1
  - Bugfix for DOS vulnerability in the file transfer code.
    Thanks to Jesus Olmos (

  New in 0.12
  - Multi-user chat windows now join one on one chat windows and can be opened
    in tabbed form, either sharing a window, or seperately.
  - The roster search has been updated, and now triggers a filter when typing
    into the roster window.
  - An XML ringbuffer is now used, allowing access to already received XML in
    the XML console.
  - When resolving a name for new contacts, the full name is now used if the 
    nick name is missing from the vcard.
  - Auto-connect on wake is now an independent option.
  - MUCs can now be bookmarked, and auto-joined.
  - The old config.xml file has been dropped in favour of the new options.xml
    format - all options in Psi can now be configured from the Advanced 
    options pane (no more hand-editing of config files is required).
  - Vcard avatars are now transmitted for the benefit of legacy clients and
    servers not supporting PEP.
  - A new diagnostics group is available in the help menu, to allow debugging
    problems with the QCA security layer.
  - Launching several instances of the same profile on Windows and Unices with
    DBUS now behaves more sensibly.
  - On X11, the taskbar should now flash on new messages for compliant
    window managers.

  New in 0.11
  - Reworked account registration process (including proper support for
    XEP-0077 (In-band registration))
  - Finished support for XEP-0004 (Data Forms) by supporting forms in
    messages. (thanks to Roelof Naude)
  - Added support for XEP-0070 (Verifying HTTP Requests via XMPP).
    Thanks to Maciej Niedzielski.
  - Customizable shortcuts (thanks to Ephraim)
  - System-wide shortcuts
  - Added spell checking (thanks to Ephraim).
    Currently only aspell is supported.
  - Added option to automatically set the resource (using the hostname)
  - Added new default Stellar3 iconset
  - Added support for XEP-138 (Stream Compression)
  - Added support for using XEP-33 (Extended Stanza Addressing) to multicast
    messages to multiple users. Use option.enable-multicasting to enable it.
  - Added 'Show status message' toggle. There is a hidden option to put 
    status messages under the nickname (at the cost of 2 extra pixels
    when no status message is shown)
  - Support for Bookmark Storage (XEP-0048), where bookmarked conferences are
    auto-joined. No UI is provided for creating bookmarks (yet).
  - Better error messages, including error condition mappings (XEP-0086)
  - Support dynamically changing priority
  - Improved PGP error messages
  - Hiding the deprecated protocol selector for service discovery by default.
    Use to
    re-enable it.
  - New options system (see options.xml)
  - Receiving support for vCard-Based Avatars (XEP-0153)
  - Support for Multi-User-Chat (XEP-0045)
  - Preliminary support for User Nickname (XEP-0172)
  - Preliminary support for Roster Item Exchange (XEP-0144)
  - Psi now uses the Qt4(>=4.3) and QCA2 libraries, replacing the Qt3 and QCA1 
  - "Privacy List" support in the account dialog.
  - Support for XEP-0050 (Ad-hoc commands)
  - Preliminary support for XEP-0163 (Personal Eventing Protocol)
  - Preliminary support for XEP-0146 (Remote Controlling Clients)
  - Large parts of the codebase have been restructured.
  - Fixed a chat room bug where subject/topic changes were not shown.
  - Mac OS X builds are now universal binaries, supporting the new Intel 
    based Macs.
  - Support for XEP-85 (Chat State Notifications).
  - Support for XEP-0115 (Entity Capabilities).
  - There is now a config.xml option to make some windows use the brushed
    metal theme on Mac OS X.
  - Window opacity support is now present for all three supported platforms.
  - Fixed Unicode URL opening bug #510
  - Auto-reconnect accounts on wakeup
  - Copy-pasting with emoticons now works
  - Fixed issue #263 where emoticons would disappear in a reply or quote
  - History index is rebuilt faster
  - Configure toolbars merged into main preferences dialog
  - Moving tooltips
  - MingW32 compiler support (Coupled with the open source Qt4 Windows library
    this now allows completely free building of Psi on Windows)


  Psi is a capable Jabber client aimed at experienced users.  Its design
  goals are simplicity and stability.  Psi is highly portable and runs on
  Windows, Unix/X11, and Mac OS X.

  The interface is very ICQ-like.  Alerts appear in the contact list when
  events are received, and things like subscriptions requests appear as
  "system messages" (ICQ users know these well).  Even "Chats" are
  queued in the contact list.  Also, chats are "remembered" by default,
  so that you don't have to keep a bunch of windows open for each person.
  Just close the chat window.  If you open it again it will all be there.

  Psi is minimal but powerful.  There are keybindings for just about
  everything, Unicode is supported throughout, and contacts are cached
  offline.  Security is also a major consideration, and Psi provides it for
  both client-to-server (SSL) and client-to-client (GnuPG).

How you can help

  We like comments, even (especially) if they are a simple thanks.

  Bug reports
  If you want to help us out, please file a bug report on our forum at for release versions, or email us  a bug 
  report to the development mailing list for development builds, details at:
  Please be as descriptive as possible and tell us what exactly you were doing 
  at the time something went wrong.  If possible, send us a stack backtrace.

  We can't possibly know what everyone wants, so we appreciate all feature
  requests. These can be submitted to

  Psi should be very portable.  Please e-mail us first if you want to
  port Psi to another platform.

  There are many ways to contribute to the Psi project, if you think you can 
  do a better job with any of the Psi graphics, then go right ahead!

  Same goes for sound.  Start mixing!

  Patches are welcome.  External tools would be useful as well, like Licq
  conversion utilities (iconsets, message history, etc).  Get to work!

  Want to make an RPM or something?

  You can send a paypal gift if you'd like, to

Have fun,
-The Psi team