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@@ -538,11 +538,10 @@ This causes Ninja to build the `foo`, `bar` and `baz` targets by
The Ninja log
For each built file, Ninja keeps a log of the command used to build
it. Using this log Ninja can know when an existing output was built
with a different command line than the build files specify (i.e., the
@@ -553,11 +552,10 @@ If you provide a variable named `builddir` in the outermost scope,
`.ninja_log` will be kept in that directory instead.
Version compatibility
Ninja version labels follow the standard major.minor.patch format,
where the major version is increased on backwards-incompatible
syntax/behavioral changes and the minor version is increased on new
@@ -680,9 +678,9 @@ Two variables are significant when declared in the outermost file scope.
the build correctly. See <<ref_versioning,the discussion of versioning>>.
Rule variables
A `rule` block contains a list of `key = value` declarations that
affect the processing of the rule. Here is a full list of special
@@ -754,9 +752,9 @@ Finally, the special `$in` and `$out` variables expand to the
shell-quoted space-separated list of files provided to the `build`
line referencing this `rule`.
Build dependencies
There are three types of build dependencies which are subtly different.
@@ -818,9 +816,9 @@ build out: demo
foo = bar
Evaluation and scoping
Top-level variable declarations are scoped to the file they occur in.

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