💇 A JSON REST API built in Haskell.
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Hairy is a JSON REST API built in Haskell. It uses Scotty to create a WAI application served by the Warp web server. The Aeson library handles encoding and decoding JSON, while Persistent manages the PostgreSQL database. Hairy features an Hspec test suite and Criterion benchmarks.

The entire project is meant to be easy to build, understand, and use. It doesn't really do anything useful, but it shows how to do anything at all. Take a look at the literate source to see how it all works.


Hairy works best with the latest Haskell Platform, but it also supports GHC 7.8 and 7.6. PostgreSQL 9.1 or later is also required.


Add it to your Cabal file:

    hairy ==0.1.*

Or install it manually:

$ cabal update
$ cabal install hairy-0.1.3

This package uses Semantic Versioning.


First create a database user for Hairy.

$ createuser --createdb postgres

Then create databases for each environment.

$ psql --username postgres --command 'CREATE DATABASE hairy_development'
$ psql --username postgres --command 'CREATE DATABASE hairy_production'
$ psql --username postgres --command 'CREATE DATABASE hairy_test'

Then just start the server!

$ hairy
# => http://localhost:3000


Hairy can be configured through environment variables.

To configure the environment, use the SCOTTY_ENV environment variable. Possible environments include Development, Production, and Test.

$ env SCOTTY_ENV=Production hairy

To configure the port, use the PORT environment variable.

$ env PORT=8080 hairy

To configure the database, use the DATABASE_URL environment variable.

$ env DATABASE_URL=postgres://postgres:postgres@localhost:5432/hairy_development hairy