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Run secure WebSocket clients with Wuss

While working on [pressing the button with Haskell][1], I needed to establish a secure WebSocket (WSS) connection. Unfortunately the existing [websockets package][2] did not support secure WebSockets. I looked around and found [an issue][3] addressing it. It had a few workarounds by [@jaspervdj][4], [@mpickering][5], and [@elfenlaid][6]. They got the job done, but weren't nearly as easy to use as the insecure runClient function. I figured that other people could benefit from having a turnkey WSS solution, so I packaged it up and released it as [Wuss][7].

I was surprised by how easy it was to add support for secure clients to the websockets package. It only took [five lines of code][8]. That is a testament to the design of that package, the strength of the ecosystem, and the expressiveness of Haskell as a language.

runSecureClientWith host port path options headers app = do
    context <- initConnectionContext
    connection <- connectTo context (connectionParams host port)
    stream <- makeStream (reader connection) (writer connection)
    runClientWithStream stream host path options headers app

[1]: {% post_url 2015-04-23-pressing-the-button-with-haskell %} [2]: [3]: [4]: [5]: [6]: [7]: [8]: