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This project build uppon the IncludeOS and Rump Kernel Unikernel. The idea is simply to transpile PHP file into a Unikernel.

In order to run it requires Ubuntu 14.04 LTS x86_64, either on physical or virtual machine. For more configuration details please refer to IncludeOS github page and Rumprun github page. To get started simply:

  $ git clone
  $ cd php2uni
  $ make install
  # test rump installation
  $ make rump_test
  $ make all

  # bridge and run IncludeOS VM
  $ make bridge_includeos
  $ make run_includeos
  #listen at

  #bridge and run Rump VM
  $ make bridge_rump
  $ make run_rump
  #listen at

The install phase may take a while (around 30mins) and will ask for root privileges. However it needs to be executed only once. The make all command will generate a IncludeOS and a Rump Kernel image that run on qemu/KVM.

To modify the site create/edit PHP files in seed and modify in consequence the routes file. At the moment very small subset of PHP is supported and type annotation is required. Better support and a proper parser will come next!