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A lightweight abstraction layer for QuickBase


const record = new QBField({
	quickbase: {
		realm: '',
		appToken: ''
	// quickbase: QuickBase Instance
	dbid: '' // defaults to dbid in url if found
	fid: -1



This method clears the QBField instance of any trace of the existing field, but preserves defined connection settings.


This method deletes the field from QuickBase, then calls .clear().


  • name: string, required


This method returns the DBID.


This method returns the Field ID.


This method executes an API_GetFieldProperties for the stored Field ID attributes.


  • attributesToSave: array, defaults to undefined

If a field id is not defined, this will execute an API_AddField. After a successful API_AddField, or if a field id was previously defined, this will execute an API_EditFieldProperties. If choices are defined for the field, then appropriate API_FieldAddChoices and API_FieldRemoveChoices are executed.

If attributesToSave is defined, then only configured attributes in this array will be saved.

If this executes an API_AddField, the newly assigned Field ID is automatically stored internally.

.set(attribute, value)

  • attribute: string, required
  • value: mixed, required

This method sets the passed in value associated with the attribute argument.


  • dbid: string, required

Sets the dbid setting.


  • fid: integer, required

Sets the fid setting.


  • attributesToConvert: array, optional

returns the field as a JSON object

Static Methods

QBField.NewField(options, attributes)

  • options: obj, required
  • attributes: obj, required

Returns a new QBField instance built off of options, that inherits configuration data from the passed in attributes argument.

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