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This is a partial implementation of the Fedora infrastructure to use for
testing without needing to actually set up instances of all the services.
The project was initially designed to assist in the testing of AutoQA.
At this point, this is a very QnD project and the code is really ugly. Use at
your own risk and know that everything is likely to change in the not so far
- Capturing bodhi comments
- Proxying bodhi queries
- Providing fake data for koji queries
Flask >= .8
py.test >= 2.0.0
To run the tests, run:
When the tests are run, a virtualenv will be created that contains all of the
dependencies is created.
To start a local http server, run:
source env_flask/bin/activate
python mock_fedorainfra/
To use the HTML viewer, navigate to:
If you want the http server to be accessible from other machines, add the
public host name to the end of
Right now, everything is stored in a sqlite3 database at /tmp/boji.db. The
database will be initialized automatically when the application starts.
Note that Flask and its dependencies are installed into a virtualenv if you
run the script. After its creation, you can activate the
env_flask virtualenv and run Flask without installing any new packages.