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from fabric.api import *
# the user to use for the remote commands
#env.user = 'root'
# the servers where the commands are executed
#env.hosts = ['localhost']
def pack():
# create a new source distribution as tarball
local('python sdist --formats=gztar', capture=False)
def deploy():
# figure out the release name and version
dist = local('python --fullname', capture=True).strip()
# upload the source tarball to the temporary folder on the server
put('dist/%s.tar.gz' % dist, '/tmp/boji.tar.gz')
# create a place where we can unzip the tarball, then enter
# that directory and unzip it
run('mkdir /tmp/boji')
with cd('/tmp/boji'):
run('tar xzf /tmp/boji.tar.gz')
with cd(dist):
# now setup the package with our virtual environment's
# python interpreter
run('/var/www/boji/env/bin/python install')
# now that all is set up, delete the folder again
run('rm -rf /tmp/boji /tmp/boji.tar.gz')
# and finally touch the .wsgi file so that mod_wsgi triggers
# a reload of the application
run('touch /var/www/boji.wsgi')