solve equations arising out of new model of high-Tc superconductivity.
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rough class heirarchy

Results currently generated for T = 0 (pure MFT superconducting state) and T = Tp (pseudogap state, pair formation temperature scale)

Developed on Ubuntu 10.10 / Mint 10. Required packages: build-essential libgsl0ldbl libgsl0-dev gsl-bin libblas-dev libboost-dev python-matplotlib

For building on Fedora 14 need the following: make gcc gcc-g++ gsl gsl-devel blas blas-devel (--boost?--) (--matplotlib?--)

C++ basic execution path: - build Controller from config file; this triggers buiding instances of ConfigData, Environment, Logger, and State. - call selfConsistentCalc() on Controller, if it returns true it worked - logResults() and examine output

Spectrum is a big ball of static functions which take a State and some additional data, do some math, and emit results.

Tests for individual classes are built to test_(Class).out by make.